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What We See Every Day

My every day…

Living in my home for 19 years, my kids know no other home. We go the same way to school every day, I walk the dogs on the same path every week, I see the same happy people day after day.

I’ve thought about this for years; the people I see day after day, year after year … and don’t say anything more than hello, good morning, or a short, quick smile. They are my routine, they set the stage for the day for me. The man who runs every morning through the park and we can tell if we are on time or late by where he is. The older Chinese lady, who must be 95, seriously, who runs every day and I’m sure of it that she is smiling and makes me smile every morning (we haven’t seen her in a week, I wonder if she is ok) and the young lady that we’ve seen every day since kindergarten, she and my daughter are now in high school, whose grandfather has taken her to school either on the back of his bicycle or walking together for over 10 years; who today we noticed she was walking alone.

These moments, these slices in life, make me feel so much. They make me feel real. They remind me of why I do what I do and question why I don’t stop and talk with them and get to know them more. They are part of my life, part of my everyday. They make me smile each and every day. And they make me remember why capturing photos and slices of peoples lives are so important.

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