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What Camera I Would Take On A Weekend Trip

I love taking photos, duh! Right!!???!!!  I know, stating the obvious!  I also love spending time with my family but my family is not always in the mood for me to take photos – even when they are not the subjects! Shocking, again, I know right?!

Well, I will tell you that loving to take photos sometimes gets in the way of a family fun trip.  No one likes to keep stopping and waiting for me to get my photo, I mean, I want to get the right photo which takes time, composition and exposure consideration, I mean I don’t just snap and move …… well, I didn’t used to.

After annoying my family one too many times, I’ve learned to relax on family weekend trips.

I get asked all the time what camera I take on trips.  Do I take my big camera, if so which lens? Do I have a handy dandy point and shoot, other than my phone?  Do I just give up and use my phone? Sometimes that answer is YES!

BUT I’ve learned to love taking photos with my little Fujifilm Ax-3!  This camera is the bomb diggity! Think of it as a crossover. It’s small and compact.  I’m able to switch out lens, which are not too crazy in size AND I’m able to wirelessly transfer the files to my phone for backup and social sharing!  It’s a mom-ographers dream camera! AND a professionals little secret. I can be creative, quick and keep everyone happy! 


Also, this little nifty camera fits in a crossover handbag like a boss.  I also have a favorite Lo & Sons bag that I use with it because it doesn’t look like a camera bag and it’s just the perfect size. 

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