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Thinking about a Destination Wedding Photographer?

A Few things to consider when hiring a photographer for a destination wedding

Over the years as a destination wedding photographer, I’ve learned that there are a few things that I see brides grapple with when trying to decide if they should take a photographer with them or hire one at their destination. Here are are a few things to consider.

1 – Relationship and Communication. To me, it is numero uno in selecting your wedding photographer – destination or otherwise. You spend the whole day with your wedding photographer – if they rub you the wrong way, or you are not able to talk frankly and honestly with them, it will show in your photos. I really do feel that when you hire someone that you are able to do an engagement shoot and build that relationship with prior to traveling for your wedding makes a huge difference.

I’ve traveled the world with many a bride and groom and all of them have become friends! Like personal friends, and I love that so much.

2 – Your location. If you are going getting married at a location where you do not speak the native language, I highly recommend taking a photographer with you. The reason being is that your photos are something that you keep forever. Good communication is paramount.

3 – Coverage. Usually, when you bring your photographer with you they are willing to add some bonuses! An example is I usually will cover the rehearsal dinner because when I travel with my bride and groom they usually invite me to the rehearsal dinner. I personally always go to the rehearsal, but if I’m invited to dinner then you can bet that I will be bringing my camera and taking photos!  Also, your guests all get to know the photographer and are generally way more likely to not be shy in front of the camera when they already know the photographer prior to the actual wedding day. It's something to think about if you want things like that covered. I wouldn’t expect that from your photographer – but it’s worth an ask!

4 – Communication after the wedding. Once your wedding is over, there is a lot of communication with your photographer. You will most likely be getting products and/or digital files and you want to be able to have easy communication with them. If you are able to speak the same language and you quite possibly live close, it’s easy to take care of things and be able to meet with them at the office or studio. And should anything go wrong it will be a lot easier to work things out if you are, at the very least, in the same country.

I think that the added cost of paying for your wedding photographers travel is well worth the investment and honestly it is about the relationship that you have with them so that you will get the most amazing photos that you want.

Make sure to ask lots of questions and talk about costs and expectations. Each destination wedding that I have covered is unique, some I’ve covered the whole week and some have been just the wedding. No question is silly and it’s always better to have asked than not to and be surprised once you're in a remote location and you don’t have a meeting of the minds.

Safe travels!


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