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Stop saying you don’t enough time!

Just to let you know, I’m a busy girl – no bones about it. I have two teenagers, I have a mother-in-law that I’m responsible for her finances and healthcare and moral support, I’m a wife, I’m a Marketing Director of a home improvement company AND I run a photography business. And those are just the big things that I could use to make an excuse that I don’t have enough time, and you can bet I’ve used them.

Friend! I’ve got something to tell you … lean in … hear me …

Stop saying you don’t have enough time, because you are making yourself believe a lie.

I'm giving it to you straight, because that is how I would hope you would be with me.

Recently, I read that the loudest voice we hear is the one in our heads.  That hit me over the head like a ton of bricks! It’s so dang true. We talk to ourselves even when we are not listening to ourselves.  We are constantly telling ourselves is something is good, bad, ugly, loud, smells good, oh that song, why can’t I get it out of my head … and it goes on and on. Am I right?!!  I know I am.

Each year I take time to review what worked and what didn’t work in both professional and personal sides of life. The biggest shift I made this year was to stop thinking that I don’t have enough time. That thought of not having enough time was killing the time that I did have.

I wasn’t doing creative projects because I thought I didn’t have enough time. I wasn't going on a bike ride because I thought I didn’t have enough time AND then I just got mad at myself and said just do it girl. Whatever you’re making an excuse for knock it off or get something in place that helps you so that you feel like you DO HAVE ENOUGH time.

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