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Spring Break – Get Your Camera Out

Spring break is just around the corner for my family. I was actually talking to another mom this weekend and she said that their school had already had spring break … I was shocked, but I guess that this how it goes. Ours isn’t until April 15th.

But since it is just around the corner, for some, I thought that I would give a few tips since your kids will be home and most likely, if you are anything like us, you either are going to be doing some day trips, maybe scheduled a little getaway or might be hanging by the pool (if it ever decides to stop raining in California!). We’ve done all these things over different Spring Breaks and one thing is for sure, all these things call for some photos!!

Here are some easy photo tips for capturing Spring Break adventures:

  • Have your camera out. If you are hanging at home, make sure it's on the counter or on the coffee table so that it’s quick and easy to grab. Don’t leave it in the camera bag. Oh and make sure the battery is charged and you have a card loaded into the camera.
  • Take photos of the everyday stuff. Sounds funny, I know, but seriously. Take photos of the shoes on the floor, or someone’s feet on the couch or, making breakfast together. Bring your camera to the park with you and just practice snapping away. The more photos you take the better.
    Take photos outdoors if at all possible. Not only with this create a little adventure if you are sticking close to home, but it will produce better photos.
  • This may sound weird, but, try not to draw attention to you taking photos. Meaning, don’t ask the kids to look at you and smile, just capture whatever it is that they are doing. Go for candid.
    Don’t leave your camera in the hot sun. I say this because I have actually left my camera out at the pool in the full sun and it got to hot. Try to keep it in the shade while you take a dip in the pool with the kids. If you have a camera that can go underwater, we have a really cool Nikon that can do that, let the kids have fun with it, it’s a blast to see their creativity.
  • If you are traveling, pack light. Not a light source … I mean minimal when it comes to camera gear. See what you can do with just one lens. My favorite lens to do this with is either a 28-70mm or a 50mm … ohhhhh or my 35mm. Using just one, forces you to be more creative, and it helps with keeping the baggage down and makes you more likely to pull it out to take photos because you aren’t messing with a lot of gear.
  • Have fun! Don’t take it to serious, this whole photo thing, just go with it, snap away and most of all have fun!!! Laugh, enjoy and relax.

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