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Should I reschedule a photoshoot because of the weather?


There are a few times that the weather in California can call for a reschedule.

  1. Wind – when it is windy and you are shooting outside – it’s going to be very difficult to keep everyone looking their best and finding places to tuck in and take photos. It’s not impossible, but it is for sure not optimal.  I usually reschedule sessions if it’s pretty windy outside.
  1. RAIN – now, if you are getting married and it’s a rainy day, you gotta go with it and we will certainly be creative and have fun with it. Sometimes the most awesome photos happen from having to think outside of the box because of the weather.  I’ve shot several weddings when it’s been pouring rain and we are outside. But if you are taking family photos – this is a for sure reschedule. Little ones usually don’t do as well with the go with the flow, zig, and zag of rainy weather.
  1. Extreme heat – I don’t like to shoot if it’s hotter than 90 degrees. The reason being is, faces get flush, people start sweating and in general – it’s just not fun. In the hot summer months, I usually try to shoot really early in the a.m. or much later into the evening so that it’s a comfortable temperature.

Keep in mind that the weather can change quickly and sometimes it’s worth it to wait it out.  Many times I’ll connect with my clients in the morning of the shoot and then we decide together if we will reschedule and/or give it a go, so make sure to connect with your photographer.  Sometimes just a change of location can save the date. Communication is key so don’t hesitate to over-communicate. Better to chat than not.

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