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Setting the stage to get great photos at home

Setting the stage to get great Photos at Home

It can be a challenge. But, I have some easy things to think about to help you out.

Not everyone has amazing light in their home. I know, I for one, do not. It can be super frustrating if you don't know some easy hacks to get around it. So let's talk about it.

Before you even pick up your camera you need to think about the environment you are taking your photos in. We all want to pick up our camera, and start snapping away and get amazing photos with ease, however, as with all great things, it takes just a little preparation and planning or even maybe just a little thought ahead of time. Not too much, but at the very least to be aware of your surroundings. Are you in a dark room, are lights on, are the curtains drawn?

These things are important because to get a good photo you need light!!

Sounds silly to have to say it, but friends, we need light for photos and good light at that! At home, I try my hardest to not have any external lights one when I'm taking photos and to be as close to a window as possible. I am fortunate and have a huge skylight in my living room, which hooks me up on soft light from above, but I can't always count on that. External lights give a color cast that can be frustrating so that is why I try to avoid them being on when shooting at home.

Natural light is my friend!!

The next thing to think about is that you may have to move around to get the lighting you want.  Don't just stand in one spot and think, that's it, that's the photo.

Move around.

Have you ever heard someone taking photos say, “ooooh, oh, oh that's it, that's perfect” … I would go on a limb and say that the person was probably moving around and then like magic that perfect photo came into view.

Don't be afraid to take lots of photos.

Living in a digital world, we trade the cost of film, which was expensive if you shot lots of photos, with time weeding through to find the good photos on our computer. While you are learning, go for it. You will soon be able to take fewer and fewer photos to get that perfect shot, but while you are learning – test, and experiment – it's not costing you money.

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