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Saying Goodbye is never easy

A few weeks ago we had to say goodbye to sweet Frank. His kidney disease caught up with him and we owed him the dignity of not having any more pain. Frank had a rare kidney disease where his body did not absorb protein.

Frank was quite possibly the most loved dog I've ever had the pleasure of taking care of. He made his coworkers at That's Byers happy, but they made him even happier! He loved going to work, he hated getting in the car to go home, like he would sit on the concrete and I would have to literally pick him up and put him in the car! That last Wednesday when I drove out of the yard, I just started crying as Frank looked out the window back at the building, it was his last visit, but he didn't realize it.

He loved the people at the assisted nursing facility when we would visit Tony's mom. There is a gentleman named Christopher with DownSyndrome there and Frank loved him so much.

We were able to give him an amazing life, long walks, snuggles galore, summers poolside, car rides, ocean visits … celebrity status, he had an amazing life.

Our home is way too quiet, our eyes are all puffy and honestly, we miss Frank more than I could ever express.

The hardest part of this has not only been losing such a great buddy, but having to watch my teens experience such great loss. As a family, we've been through a lot in the last few years and Frank was always a bright spot, he always had a smile on his mug, always ready to snuggle or go for a walk.

In the last few days, I've found myself joining the Boston Terrier Club of Sacramento. Izzy told me, there will never be a dog that will replace Frank and while I do agree with her, I told her that with great love sometimes there is loss and with loss comes the openness for more great love.

So, while we won't be getting another pup in the next 6 months – we are going to take the summer off from the responsibility of being a dog owner and go one some road trips that require overnight stays, we are are definitely looking to open our hearts and home to another Boston come Fall!

p.s. if you know of any new Boston pups … don't hesitate to send me an email!!

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