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Is the Disneyland Photo Pass worth it? A Professional Photographers Opinion

Are you heading to Disneyland soon and wondering if the Disney PhotoPass is worth the price?  

O-M-G if I could put it on a billboard in neon lights in front of Disneyland I’d have it blinking in bright pink YES!!!  Do it!! Get the PHOTOPASS!!!

Let me explain.

As a professional photographer, I always struggle with what camera to bring to Disneyland. I want to bring the big digital one because I love to be creative, and I might want to enlarge some of the photos, so I want good full sensor photos. BUT I hate carrying around my camera when I’m trying to have fun with my family at Disneyland.

Family Photo Pass 2017

Sometimes I say, that’s it, I’m just going to use my iPhone, and then I feel guilty. Only sometimes though! It really has been my go to the last few years at Disney. The Disney PhotoPass puts me at ease because I can take creative photos with my phone and with the pass I know that they have me covered!!

Let me tell you about this game changer … trust me, you are gonna thank me!!

Enter the Disneyland Photopass (can you hear the clouds parting and happy moms singing??) … can you hear the background music????!!

Disney Photo Pass Cars Land

Disneyland has a photopass option where you pay a set fee (last time I did it it was $79) and you get ALL the photos on a DVD or to download from their website.  I just checked the website and it is currently $99!!!  So worth it! 

You do this online, ahead of time, usually about 14 days before your trip to get a really great deal. Then you carry a photopass card around with you and as you visit a character with a photographer or as you go through the park you will see their photographers you give them the card, they scan it and then snap away. It’s incredibly easy and convenient.  Also, I should mention, you don’t have to do this ahead of time or before your trip, but if you do they do give you a pretty good discount!

If you have family members you want to share the link to, they can see your photos actually while you are on your vacation!!  It's amazing!!  And perfect for grandparents! Plus, if they want to order photos they can right then and there – you don't have to do a thing!!!

Family photo pass


The Disneyland photographers have great ideas and if you ask for a little more photos they are happy to do it.  It’s AMAZING. I’ve done this now for almost every trip we have taken since I’ve discovered it and I’m truly thankful for them. I’m actually in photos!!  Crazy cool, right???!!!!


This post is NOT at all sponsored I just wanted to share that the Disneyland Photo Pass is 150% worth it!  Maybe even 200%!!! We have gone to Disneyland every year for the last 17 years and I’m telling you, hands down, without a doubt it’s the best money I’ve spent on the trip is that photopass!!!

Mom and Chewy - Photo Pass

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