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If it’s cloudy outside is it good for photos?

YASSSSSS!  It’s the BEST!  

Well, in my humble opinion!  Here’s why I feel this way.

The sun can be harsh, think of shadows on the face.  When it’s cloudy, the light is even over your face and super complimentary.

Now, wind and/or rain – NO GOOD!

Often times the cloudiness provides for amazing reflective light from the ground – like light concrete.  It can be fab-u-lous and something that the untrained eye might not even notice.

No squinting! If you have light eyes, the sun can be a real challenge, even when you are not right in it. Clouds provide a nice cover for that light that makes someone with light eyes easy to keep them wide and open.

So the next time it’s cloudy out, get excited, especially if you are shooting with me, it’s my favorite!!

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