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Good Lord – turn that camera beep OFF!!

Good Lord – turn that camera beep OFF!!


Wanna get some candid photos?

Have you ever gone to a wedding and noticed how annoying the flashes of the guests and/or professional photographers cameras at an indoor wedding?  Many church venues do not allow camera flash and let me tell you, those church ladies are serious when they tell you that! Just sayin’ … And, I love it. I love it when a venue doesn’t want flash because it is so distracting, it drives me nuts!

But, so does the beep of peoples cameras!!!  Whoever thought that it was a good idea that when you press your shutter button down that the camera beeps … oh, I wish I knew them.  I’d take them to coffee, my treat, give them an earful!  Just kidding … I think!  BUT, that beep literally drives me crazy!  So so so distracting! I mean, the beep is designed to confirm focus – but if you pay attention to the inside of your camera when you are looking through the eye hole, that little red or green square/s that light up – that is confirming where and if you are in focus – bingo! No need for that beep now!!

That beep is also a surefire way to kill a sneaky candid moment you are about to capture!

Turning off the beep on your camera is super duper easy. It’s in your settings and once you do it, you will be able to be a little more sneaky with your camera too and get better candid shots!  That beep that goes off right before you press the shuttle all the way, it gives you away everysingletime!

I shoot canon cameras and Fujifilm and you can find the setting to turn that off in your menu.  Go ahead, be an adventurer and check out those menu settings – you’ll find some really good stuff in there. Don’t be afraid, you can always set it back to default if you mess anything up.  xoxo

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