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Capturing Life

The Importance of being on the other side of the camera

Over the last couple of years, I’ve found myself looking and valuing my photographs more than ever before. Happy moments like having children as well as not-so-happy ones like losing loved ones will do that.

Photographs, especially the ones that capture real life as we experienced it or the essence of our loved ones, become more and more valuable to our heart and soul as time flies by. Like a freight train, time stops for no one, but photographs allow our heart and mind to go back and relive the moment, the day and the feelings we had when they were taken.

When I was growing up I never really sat down and said, “I want to be a photographer,” but what I always knew was that I wanted to be part of something that was real, something that people cherished and that allowed me to be me and live life to the fullest doing whatever it was I ended up doing. Naturally, photography is a perfect fit.

My favorite photographs are the ones taken of some of the most fun and meaningful days of my life; like the photograph of me and my cousins, all slathered with mud in the backyard after an epic mud fight and not getting in trouble. Awe, man, that was one of the BEST days! That photograph really sums it all up for me. That moment in my life was one of my favorites and I can giggle and relive it every time I see this photograph.


Oh, and man do I love this one of my grandparents kissing when my grandfather returned from the war when they were so very young! That photograph was a treasure my brother was given and shared with me.


I think, too, as time goes on as parents we tend not to get in the photographs, especially moms, but what I would say to that and what I’ve had to do myself is to let the photographs be taken. BE in those photographs because one day, that very photograph will mean the world to someone because you were so very special to them. No one is promised tomorrow. Make sure your loved ones can see how you loved them.

  • Originally published in Kidaround Magazine – which was such an honor, I'd photographed their covers for many years and then one day, I was like, “hey, I think I have something that might resonate with readers, besides just my photos ;-)” Such an honor to have gotten to write for the magazine!  I hated English class in high school!  Don't tell anyone!!

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