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Is the Disneyland Photo Pass worth it? A Professional Photographers Opinion

Are you heading to Disneyland soon and wondering if the Disney PhotoPass is worth the price?   O-M-G if I could put it on a billboard in neon lights in front of Disneyland I’d have it blinking in ... READ the POST

Setting the stage to get great photos at home

Setting the stage to get great Photos at Home It can be a challenge. But, I have some easy things to think about to help you out. Not everyone has amazing light in their home. I know, I for one, ... READ the POST

Ask Yourself this simple question …

Have you ever been in a funk? Totally rhetorical questions, duh! But really, lately, I have been. I’ve had to do everything I could think of to give myself a little kick in the butt each morning. ... READ the POST

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