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It Is Super Cloudy – It That Going to Work For Photos?

YASSSSSS!  It’s the BEST! Well, in my humble opinion!  Here’s why I feel this way. The straight-up sun can be harsh, think of shadows on the face.  When it’s cloudy, the light is even over your face ... READ the POST

Should I use the flash that is built in on my DSLR?

I love looking at peoples faces when I tell them, DO NOT use that silly little flash on your DSLR! I don’t even know why they put it on there!  Ok, I do know why, but it really doesn’t help with ... READ the POST

What Camera I Would Take On A Weekend Trip

I love taking photos, duh! Right!!???!!!  I know, stating the obvious!  I also love spending time with my family but my family is not always in the mood for me to take photos - even when they are not ... READ the POST

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