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Ask Yourself this simple question …

Have you ever been in a funk? Totally rhetorical questions, duh! But really, lately, I have been.

I’ve had to do everything I could think of to give myself a little kick in the butt each morning. I’m a super positive, let’s do this, kind of gal, but lately, not so much.

I was starting to get worried about myself, like maybe me, myself and I needed to have a conversation with each other!

The day Rachel Hollis’ new book – Girl Stop Apologizing came out I bought it and listened to it right away! Like finished it that day!

It’s a good book, for sure. And there are lots of nuggets in there to put to good use. BUT, wanna know what has really been working for me?

The simple phrase … “if not today, when”


It’s working for me.

There are just some things that I haven’t seemed to have the gusto to do that will move the needle forward for me and each time I feel that “funk” I say to myself “if not today, when”.

Seriously, I can’t argue with that. Like literally, in my head, I can’t argue with that. It gets me in the head space that I need to be in and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Something so simple, but mindset shifting.  

So perhaps, if you are in the same space, ask yourself, “If not today, when?” Let me know if it helps ya.

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