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About Penny

I didn't start out wanting to be a photographer … not 'cause I didn't love photography … I just thought I had to be something different.

I actually thought I would be an executive with a fancy corner office overlooking a beautiful city like Manhattan or San Francisco, but then I found my way to computers, which was a super-duper side-track. I was fixing problems left and right and owned being a Microsoft Certified Network Engineer like I was a boss!!

But I wasn't happy doing that. I mean, the work was fun, I guess, but I wanted more.

I wanted to be around happiness ALL the time. I wanted to laugh and play. I wanted the beach or the forest to be my office, not a cubicle. I wanted to LIVE and I wanted my work to be all about REAL LIFE! I wanted business and pleasure to be ONE in the same.

As a Network Engineer, I was fixing problems all the time, people were happy to see me, but only because they weren't happy – something was broke. With photography people are celebrating, there are new ideas, remembering, laughter, and sometimes tears … but when there are tears it's because of love.

As a lifestyle photographer, I've gotten to travel the world capturing destination weddings, families and work on big commercial branding campaigns.

I'm known for making people feel at ease, going with the flow and having fun – all while getting the job done.

You may have seen my work in Sunset Magazine, Southwest Airlines InFlight Magazine, The Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau campaigns, Dignity Health hospitals, KidAround Magazine, bloggers websites, billboards and the homes of real-life families everywhere!

I absolutely LOVE what I do, each and every day!

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