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5 Tips to Get Candid Photos of Your Kids

* Turn the beep off on your camera. If you want to capture candid moments there is no way you will accomplish that with the beep of your camera going off. Sometimes the shutter will give you away, but the beep is a dead give-a-way!

* Get down to their level. If you are down at their level your photos will instantly become more engaging. I love laying on the floor when the littles are playing.

* Photograph the details, like little hands holding the blocks or their creations that they are making during craft time. Sometimes as parents we want to get ‘everything' in the photo, you can do that in many photos with the details and pulling them together in a story. It tells the story so much better with all the little details.

* Try to set up the scene before you take your camera out so that you don't have to say no. I do this a lot when I photographing others little ones. I don't want to ever feel like they are not safe or that I have to tell them no. I want to have uninhibited fun. A little planning goes a long way with this.

* Take lots of photos, like lots. Especially with kids, their expressions change so fast. In a quick space of 2 minutes you can capture so many expressions, I just love it! One time I made a collage of all the faces that Izzy made in a space of like 3 minutes and its one of my very favorite collages of her. It's so IZZY!

* BONUS: Keep your camera out at all times. That's how I got the photo above of Izzy and Mason when they were little. I have a little fujifilm x-A3 that I keep on the armoire so that I grab it at a moments notice, I don't have to get my fancy camera out of the camera bag or go running to the other room to get it and then miss the moment. I've gotten some amazing moments of my kids together with just having my camera available at arms reach.

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