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4 Things to Consider When Scheduling Your Family Photo Session

I think more than anything moms want a family photo session to go smoothly, no tears, no complaining, and dare I say FUN?!!

Over the years, I’ve photographed 100’s of families and have been able to see successful and fun sessions with families who have embraced a few of these things. And they are pretty easy peasy!

First and foremost, make sure everyone is rested and fed before our shoot. Let’s face it, when someone is hangry, ain’t nobody gonna be happy. I personally carry snacks in my bag 'cause even I get hangry from time to time. I also recommend that you make sure everyone is fed before the session because food in little one's mouths never make for a good photo, and generally once you give one little treat, you won't be able to stop, it's a slippery slope and I've seen sessions go downhill because your little only wants just one more fruit snack.

One of the best tips I can give is letting whatever shakes down, shake-down. I’ve had beach sessions where the wind was blowing so bad the it took two days of showers to get the sand out of my hair and no, I’m really not kidding … AND you know what, that is one of the families favorite shoots. I think for two reasons, we defiantly have a story to tell, and lots to laugh about together, it was actually fun even though it was crazy AND because we just embraced it, we got amazing images. So much fun. Just let go, enjoy; I promise we will get something great!

Going along with that second tip is to try your hardest to trust that your photographer is going to get great photos. You’ve done your research and you’ve seen their work, so it’s highly unlikely that they will not achieve success. Never in my 17 years of business have I had a total bomb session. Never! And should someone not be happy with their images I would always make it right. That's just good business. If you are worried about it, for sure ask your photographer ahead of time, what happens if … that way you will know how they do business.

This tip is HUGE and by far maybe the most important, if someone is sick, reschedule. RESCHEDULE. Seriously. I know, in our busy lives we don’t have time for rescheduling … but just think about the family member who is sick, they will for sure not want to smile and have a good time if they are not feeling well, or you are chasing after them with Kleenex because of runny noses. Trust me, reschedule. I've had people reschedule on me an hour before our session because someone was sick and honestly, even though it throws my schedule a bit, I'm very thankful because they just set me up for success for when we do take photos together and themselves so that they will have amazing photos when everyone it happy and healthy.

So there you have it 4 things to consider when scheduling your next family photo session! Have Fun!!

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